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Riding The High Country

  • Desperate
    on May 29, 2023

    With a title like Desperate (1947) and a lead character who is a veteran […]

  • They Drive by Night
    on May 19, 2023

    Warner Brothers made some of the most socially aware movies of the classic era, […]

  • High Wall
    on May 8, 2023

    Many a film noir has traded heavily on mistrust, betrayal, isolation. These are […]

  • The Snows of Kilimanjaro
    on April 27, 2023

    Kilimanjaro is a snow-covered mountain 19,710 feet high and is said to be the […]

  • The Tall Men
    on April 17, 2023

    Every story takes its characters on a journey, and invites the viewer along for […]

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  • It’s a wrap
    on March 5, 2023

    Regretfully this will be my last post at Vienna’s Classic Hollywood. I’ve […]

  • SHOW BUSINESS (1944)
    on March 2, 2023

    “Show Business” is a wee gem of a musical, with four good leads […]

    on February 28, 2023

    There’s a wonderful collection of colour portraits for sale at […]

  • SHADOWS. 4
    on February 27, 2023

    Alan Ladd. O.S.S.   Errol Flynn. THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER.   Ray Milland. […]

    on February 23, 2023

    It’s been available since 2021 on dvd and blu-Ray ( from the excellent […]

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  • June Presentations
    on June 5, 2023

    Dr. Annette Bochenek loves to take Hometowns to Hollywood on the road–in […]

  • Joe Cobb
    on June 1, 2023

    “Children in my day were either cornfed or milk-fed. I was both.” –Joe […]

  • 10 Years of Hometowns to Hollywood!
    on May 24, 2023

    On May 23, 2013, I posted my very first article on Hometowns to Hollywood about […]

  • Jean is No Angel
    on November 15, 2021

    Ambulance driver Frank Jessup (Robert Mitchum) is wooed by Diane Tremayne (Jean […]

  • Don't Disturb Doris
    on October 23, 2021

    Having relocated to England for her husband, Mike's (Rod Taylor), job, Janet […]

  • Claudette Goes Mad
    on October 20, 2021

    As Ellen Ewing (Claudette Colbert) is about to take her wedding vows to David […]

  • Bette Doesn't Age
    on October 11, 2021

    Reknowned New York beauty Frances Beatrice "Fanny" Trellis (Bette Davis) is […]

  • Spencer's Daugher Gets Married
    on October 4, 2021

    When Kay Banks (Elizabeth Taylor) informs her doting parents Stanley (Spencer […]

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