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  • Skinamarink
    on May 1, 2023

    The killjoy German philosopher Schopenhauer once noted that life swings like a […]

  • New action movie podcast!
    on April 28, 2023

    If you’re a fan of nutty action movies, be sure to subscribe to ACTION […]

  • Chemical Imbalance
    on April 27, 2023

    A mutated killer, slasher film in the style of a Troma Production? That sounds […]

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  • Treasured Films
    on May 26, 2023

    Received a email from this online shop and noticed there wasn't a thread so […]

  • Fave Films of the 2020's.
    on May 15, 2023

    With the 2020's a third gone (Scary when you think about it) which have been […]

  • Second Run
    on March 27, 2023

    I thought SS was deserving of its own thread. They release mainly East European […]

  • 1922 (2017)
    on May 31, 2023

    It’s the year 1922; Farmer Wilfred James works the land in Hemingford, […]

  • Pumpkinhead I & II
    on April 29, 2023

    Reviews on Pumpkinhead I & II The post Pumpkinhead I & II first […]

  • Witchboard 2 (1993)
    on April 8, 2023

    An Ouija board was left in the apartment and Paige makes contact with a spirit […]

  • Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000)
    on March 17, 2023

    At Alpine University the film students are competing for the coveted Hitchcock […]

  • Deathdream (1974)
    on February 19, 2023

    Suburban parents Charles and Christine along with their daughter Cathy receive […]

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