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An expanding universe of several different websites and online sources dealing with several different aspects of Movies and Film.

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  • Men
    on May 18, 2022

    Written and directed by science fiction filmmaker Alex Garland, the horror film […]

  • Downton Abbey: A New Era
    on May 18, 2022

    Violet Crawley reveals to the family that she has come into a villa in the […]

  • Firestarter
    on May 13, 2022

    This science-fiction horror reboot stars Zac Efron as Andy, a loving and caring […]

  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
    on May 6, 2022

    Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) returns to unravel the mysteries and […]

  • Memory
    on April 29, 2022

    After refusing to follow through with a horrific hit for a sinister crime […]


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Chino Kino

  • ‘Ambulance’ Review
    on April 19, 2022

    Nobody sticks to their roots more than Michael Bay. Love him or hate him, you […]

  • ‘Sonic 2’ Review
    on April 12, 2022

    In a world full of horrible video game movie adaptations, we now have perhaps […]

  • ‘Morbius’ Review
    on April 8, 2022

    Jared Leto tries his best to save what can only be described as a forgettable […]

  • ‘The Batman’ Review
    on March 7, 2022

    The definitive Batman movie is upon us. A neo-noir detective story for the […]

  • ‘Bullet Train’ Trailer
    on March 2, 2022

    Brad Pitt is on a high speed train confronting all sorts of deadly assassins in […]

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